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Nordic walking shoes should be treated as sports equipment and not as special walking shoes or fashionable decoration. There are many logical reasons to keep Nordic walking shoes clean. In case you do not know and are not sure how to clean Nordic walking shoes, here are some tips to help you.

Nordic Walking Shoes Cleaning is essentially based on the Nordic walking shoe scrubbing methods and you can learn these methods later in the article.

Most Nordic walking shoes do not attach importance to cleaning the shoes, but depending on the dirtiness of the shoes, it is best to use the most appropriate cleaning method.

You should consider that Nordic walking shoes have a certain lifespan. If you decide on an aggressive cleaning method you will shorten the life of your shoes. Alternatively, if you leave Nordic walking shoes on dirt and dust will contribute to damage, tearing and odor from Nordic walking shoes.

To prevent moisture and moisture inside the shoe for Nordic walking You can splash moisture-repellent fluid inside and on the shoe. This will allow better protection of the shoe. This protection will also prevent stains and other dirt from “settling” on Nordic walking shoes.

A Nordic walking shoe that stinks is the result of fungi and bacteria growing between the fingers of the feet as a result of sweat and tiny dust inside the shoe. These tiny parts grow in a humid and warm environment so this is usually the main reason for stinky feet in the summer. Stinky feet are a common reason for the shoe demolition for Nordic walking. You can greatly reduce the damage by allowing the shoes to Nordic walk “breathe” and dry after use, or use spray or powder against mushrooms in the legs.

Nevertheless, “mushroom” residues will continue to grow in sneakers. A simple way to prevent the development of bacteria and stench from Nordic walking shoes is to simply wash your shoes from time to time. Do not use a washing machine because the dirt may also contain sand or gravel to damage the washing machine. Use your hands to wash the interior and exterior of Nordic walking shoes.

It is usually difficult to avoid getting into mud, puddle, or just dirt. So most of the time, the Nordic walking shoes are supposed to “absorb” dirt, which can also add to the weight of the shoe. But if the mud penetrates the shoe through the ventilation mesh the shoe will also get dirty on the inside which of course will cause stench from the shoe to Nordic walking.

The simplest method to clean a Nordic walking shoe soiled in mud is to dry the mud and then with a brush to brush and keep the dry mud off. If stains and Nordic walking shoes look dirty, you should clean them with your hands and an old toothbrush and rub with a non-strong detergent.

Finally if Nordic walking shoes have already received a yellowish cover and cannot be clarified again, some strong bleaching material should be used, or it may be time to buy new Nordic walking shoes.
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